FMP Initial Ideas

Desert dance: A lone traveler travels the baron desert with an amulet that they have previously taken. The desert wants its amulet back so sends a sand creature to fight the traveler at night. The conflict would be expressed as a contemporary dance. – Flow

Day night tunnel: Somebody enters a tunnel during the day when they come out the other side it is night time. The same happens in reverse when they go the other way the light also reflects the personalities of the people (dark and sinister at night and a bit to jolly during the day.) – Flow

Modern day treasure hunt: A kid receives a letter in a will that sends them on a short treasure hunt to find there heritage. – Identity

Sad music video about age: to sad music a dying persons life flashes before their eyes making them relive the highlights of there life before passing on. – Identity

Short horror film about a deserted house: A person enters a house then finds that they cannot leave. Creepy stuff happens, moving objects, strange sounds. they find out  that it was a prank by there friends. – Horizon

Hansel and Gretel style short: people go traveling through the woods and come across a strange cabin that is overly inviting and supernatural. when they come back it is completely different. – Horizon

Dodgy tail of attraction between two magnets: Say no more. – Attachment

Person with goo stuck to them: everything they do cant get the goo  off. – Attachment

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