Unit 11 Evaluation

What went well:

Making the website worked well on Wix. I was able to very easily build a decent looking website with all the videos I want to share. On the website I included widgets navigating to my Vimeo YouTube and Instagram which could boost my web traffic and therefore views from potential employees.

I produced a Vimeo page so that I could upload videos without compressing them to much. This means that potential partners or employers will be able to fully appreciate my work.

In the research of marketing techniques I found an interesting assortment of  people who’s work interests me and saw how there marketing was done so that I was able to simulate this with my own marketing.

What I could improve:

My YouTube page is cluttered with rough edits and test shots so that anyone visiting my channel will get a pretty bad impression. it is like this because I use the videos in my evaluations, but once they have been used I need to remove any unwanted videos and set out a better layout with the videos I do want to show. Expanding upon this the videos I want to show are not currently going to be found by a search engine as they have no tags so once my YouTube has been cleaned I need to go through adding tags and sharing the video links on social media.

To improve upon my website I could buy a domain and get links to it on social media. this would generate web traffic so that it would appear higher on search engines like google this way more people are likely to see my work.

My twitter page is very basic and so does little to get peoples attention so to improve on this I would be wise to get some big names and big topics involved as there tags will provide a greater amount of web traffic thus gaining the videos I share greater hype and publicity.


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