Initial Ideas

In collaboration with the performing arts class students we looked at three scripted stimuli.

Script 1:



Script 2:



Script 3:



Script 4:


When coming up with the ideas we would take parts of the script and all say ideas and when we had ideas we liked we wrote them down and sometimes expanded on parts of them.

In the end the group decided on the poem script (script 2 as above.) As you will be able to see in the sheet we produced the ideas we liked all seemed to have a sort of falseness to them in terms of the characters (mannequins, clockwork masquerade, dollhouse.) of these the group seemed to unanimously agree on the idea of a dollhouse in which one character turns the porcelain order into chaos. To do this we are looking at the possibilities of making it into a dance film and how we think we could set it up like a dollhouse in terms of set costume and makeup.

from the dolls house suggestion we have devised a number of alternative takes on the idea. They are:

  1. Dinning room dance with robotic contemporary styles to show contrast between the fake and the real.
  2. People taking dolls to work so the dolls live the same life.
  3. A girl with a broken family uses dolls for escapism using them to demonstrate her perfect family.
  4. morning routine where the person “dolls up” then goes outside and everybody else is also dolled up.
  5. “Dollception” dolls who play with dolls who play with dolls etc.
  6. Russian dolls  here people open up to reveal other people


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