FMP Ideas Generation

1. An idea is nothing more or less than a new combination of old elements”

I agree with this statement from James Webb as the fact that we think in a language means that in order to come up with a completely new element is impossible however a location is set it will still be a location whatever a creature looks like it is still a creature and so there is no escaping the fact that you will be using the same materials as somebody else. this doesn’t mean you have to copy there combination though for instance you don’t have to paint a portrait of the same person or from the same angle lighting and colours, it is possible to create something new from the same element.

“2. The capacity to bring old elements into new combinations depends largely on the ability to see relationships”

This statement I also agree with as thought it won’t always be necessary in some abstract cases most narratives have a relationship. for instance in a treasure hunt the two sides could be complete opposites but they have a common goal. In advertising the product is shown in a scenario in which it is used as this means the audience will see that relationship. This means that their product comes into mind when there dealing with or planning on dealing with that scenario (cars aren’t advertised on a rowing boat).

Are all humans able to come up with ideas or is it something we can/need to learn?

I believe we all have an innate ability to have ideas and see relationships, but the more we exercise this the easier it is to use and the less the harder. I believe we can train ourselves in spatial awareness mindfulness and observation which will give stimuli greater impact.

What stops you or gets in the way when you are coming up with ideas?

Tunnel vision – focusing on one idea too much.

Motivation – not having a reason to come up with anything.

What can we do to help ourselves come up with ideas?

Notting down the other ideas I will get so that I can come back from them.

setting short term goals and rewards for motivation.

Can you talk about and/or provide links to some useful tools for generating ideas?



Past project ideas generation:

In collaboration with the performing arts class students we looked at three scripted stimuli.

Script 1:



Script 2:



Script 3:



Script 4:


When coming up with the ideas we would take parts of the script and all say ideas and when we had ideas we liked we wrote them down and sometimes expanded on parts of them.

In the end the group decided on the poem script (script 2 as above.) As you will be able to see in the sheet we produced the ideas we liked all seemed to have a sort of falseness to them in terms of the characters (mannequins, clockwork masquerade, dollhouse.) of these the group seemed to unanimously agree on the idea of a dollhouse in which one character turns the porcelain order into chaos. To do this we are looking at the possibilities of making it into a dance film and how we think we could set it up like a dollhouse in terms of set costume and makeup.

from the dolls house suggestion we have devised a number of alternative takes on the idea. They are:

  1. Dinning room dance with robotic contemporary styles to show contrast between the fake and the real.

  2. People taking dolls to work so the dolls live the same life.

  3. A girl with a broken family uses dolls for escapism using them to demonstrate her perfect family.

  4. morning routine where the person “dolls up” then goes outside and everybody else is also dolled up.

  5. “Dollception” dolls who play with dolls who play with dolls etc.

  6. Russian dolls  here people open up to reveal other people

Ideas Generation for FMP


Using the above mentioned tried and tested methods I began my FMP by devising some mind maps on the brief stimuli given of flow, horizon, identity and attachment.





This mind map shows some branches for the flow stimuli. The first thing I thought of from flow was fluid, as fluids by definition flow. The next one I came up with was time then conversation and movement providing the four branch stimuli.

Fluids are a large category as this covers anything in a state of liquid gas or plasma, because of this I was able to come up with a fair collection of ideas. Water was my first thought as water is the first thing that came into my head upon hearing the word flow, this is probably due to its sheer abundance in the world and its necessity to survival that makes it so prominent in my mind. From water I thought I could come up with some various waterbodies to focus on (the sea, tap water and rivers.) Then theres the two sides to water above and below, to show this I added a boolean connector with no arrows so that on reflection I could remember that I have the possibility to film below the surface. The sea and rivers made me think of some water sports that have been hobbies of mine since primary school which would create possible documentary roots. From following the more human root of tap water I ended up thinking about plumbing and some iconic figures connected with pipes. IT and Mario come from completely different genres yet both of their there existences depend upon the pipes as a way of getting from A to B. moving on from thinking about the idea of water I remembered my science days in which I covered the water cycle.


Air was the second word to say hello though it felt very different to think about in terms of water as the first thing I thought about is how do you see air? This lead me to smoke clouds and pollution as these can all actively be observed however taking a different angle on it I thought about how air is used taking me to flight as there are many things in the world that utilise air in this way from birds to insects and more recently people with planes and base-jump-suits and mythical creatures like angels. birds in particular interested me and I started thinking about starlings and geese and the patterns that they form when in formation.

Fire is worryingly interesting to me as I have childhood memories of sitting around campfires and telling stories around them. The way that fire moves is intriguing to me and its manipulation in terms of fire jugglers and chemistry mean that I would have a lot of freedom for taking it forward. Thinking about fire as a dynamic fluid and as an almost living thing I came up with spreading; like wild fire this shows fire in a more awesome form but violent, uncontrolled and destructive.  As working with fire would obviously problematic to film I then thought about how to make CGI fire as part of my FMP.

Time is a strange one as it seems to flow yet there is much evidence to show that it doesn’t. The fact that it is a concept rather that a physical existence makes it difficult to make a simple film about however I thought that though I could do this I could explore the more physical effects of time such as day and night, running sands and the turning of the seasons and years. Time further interested me in terms of it having a set direction and being finite so that everything has a deadline. This is seen in loads of films from the largest features to the smallest shorts as very few films are about a character with all the time in the world. By giving something a deadline you have a grip on the audience as long as the consequence is big enough for them too want to see, but at the same time not see. One thing that sticks in my mind when thinking about time was showing how it flows in a certain direction following the laws of thermodynamics i.e entropy.  Another area that springs to mind, is the visual aesthetic of showing sand (grains and particals in great number flowing) also the patterns that are formed on a large scale like ripples in the sand or sand dunes.

My least developed bubble is the conversation bubble as it sort of hit me last moment that conversations only work if they flow. This made be think about what gets in the way of the flow of conversation as it would be easy to come up with a film about finding that flow (kings speech style.) This could be taken down either the fact or fiction route and as it is human orientated there is more flexibility in terms of what I could do with it. Wit came to me because wit is one of the most stand out factors in making a conversation flow and so could be really interesting.

Movement is the other bubble I came up with which branched into my interests in dance, gymnastics and martial arts. These styles of movement  can be choreographed as solo pieces or as group pieces to create the impression of something different and larger than the individuals themselves, that is created through the movement. Movement in particular the transitions between sequences are strongly related to flow and devising and filming these sequences could be good fun.



From horizon I came up with three main branches; Ending, Distance, Goal.  Distance can be taken as close, far and neutral of varying degrees which each change having a strong proxemic influence for instance something closer is more intimate and so can show emotional closeness or intimidation. Being far away can show loneliness detachment or superiority.

Ending covers pretty much everything in existence but when it comes to types of ending I decided to break it into four cliff hanger, happy, sad and the world. as these are easy to breakdown into simpler more focused ideas.

Distance became about journeys and scale and how they effect narrative and visuals for instance a close distance means that you can see it in greater detail and the story tends to be microcosmic. From far away you see vast landscapes but not much detail and so the story tends to be macrocosmic.

Goal suggests that an individual or group has successfully got somewhere they wanted to be or has an aim to be somewhere by a certain point. This opens up opportunity for conflict and so drama. There are also different goal types such as short and long term which would have different story styles.




download (2).png

Identity is a very human concept when it comes to narrative as we consider different peoples to have a collective identity and each individual to have there own identity as well. Though we are the same species and aren’t truly separate we define ourselves and others through fashion and acts.

Fashion can be taken as what we wear the trends amongst groups icons in media and the styles in play the stories around this could be taken in a documentary direction or a adaptation of peoples perspectives in history or modern culture.

Identity can be stolen which opens up stories of crime with the likes of imposters who disguise themselves and fake paper work in order to pretend to be somebody else. The reasons / motive behind this could make for an interesting story.





Attachment can go in many directions possession covers people getting taken over and owning things which people are attached to. Love is an emotion that generates plenty of stories in people so its an easy go to. Taken would be about something people are attached to loosing the thing that either causes the attachment or that they are attached to. Stuck would mean literally attached to something by some sort of force or mental pressure. Addiction would cover some common issues found in media but that have large impacts on peoples lives.

Narrowing Down My Ideas:


The following is a repeat of the mind maps with red on the branches to cross out the ideas that I felt were either impractical or didn’t hold my interest in terms of the stories that I came up with around them.


horizon red


flow redidentity redattachment red


From the bubbles I had left over from this narrowing down my ideas excersize I came up with some further ideas  as follows:


Day night tunnel: Somebody enters a tunnel during the day when they come out the other side it is night time. The same happens in reverse when they go the other way. As the film goes on the  The film would conclude with the sun rise and sunset swapping the day and night side of the tunnel.-links to: Flow – time, day to night.

Modern day treasure hunt: A kid receives a letter that sends them on a short treasure hunt to find a gift left to them by there mysterious grandparents. The kid is a keen explorer and sets off to find the treasure that starts with them investigating there family home. There they find the next clue leading them to a dried river. The treasure hunt takes an Enid Blyton’s ‘The Treasure Hunters’ / Spielberg’s ‘Goonies’ feel of a child searching for lost treasure with some interesting puzzles and child like clues. The treasure leads them to a  secret underground room full of treasures concealed in the side of the riverbed -links to: Identity – personality, patterns.

Sad music video about age: to sad music a dying persons life flashes before their eyes making them relive the highlights of there life before passing on. The film would jumble beginning middle and end where the dying person starts seeing their younger self living out the best times. As the video progresses they start talking to there old self and finally in there last moments they see each other hold hands and pass on into death. -links to: Identity – personality.

Short horror film about a deserted house: A person enters a house then finds that they cannot leave. Creepy stuff happens, moving objects, strange sounds. They find out  that it was a prank by there friends. -links to: Horizon – ending, mystery, suspense.

Hansel and Gretel style short: people go traveling through the woods and come across a strange cabin that is overly inviting and supernatural. when they come back it is completely different. -links to: Horizon – ending, observation, detail.

Dodgy tail of attraction between two magnets: a stop frame animation where two magnets that are personified fall in love. the tale would start in a garage and take a Rapunzel like turn where one magnet is placed on a high shelf and the other is far below. Using paperclips as hair the magnet on the high shelf creates a ladder / rope to assist the other magnet to reach them. -links to: Attachment – magnetism, love.

Person with things stuck to them: Everything they touch gets stuck to them. Taking on a comedy feel the story will follow the persons endeavors as they try and free themselves from things and the more things they try the more things get stuck to them to the point where they can barely move. in the end of the film they find that the solution is to relax and so they achieve their freedom. -links to: Attachment – stuck, glued, trapped.


I decided to take a break from all of this at this point as my head was spinning as more and more ideas came to my mind and I was going slightly mad.  Also because  it was my 18th birthday  on the 25th.

I returned refreshed after a couple of days off and decided to explore the stimuli of flow in more detail as this was the stimulus I was most drawn too.   I decided to look at  four areas in depth and to look at the strengths and weaknesses of each idea before making my final decision.

Water as a Flowing Liquid and Flowing in a Cycle

As mentioned above, from my brain storming and free associating on the the word flow, I came up with the idea of filming something to do with water, which obviously as a liquid has flow. When I was at school I was quite good at science and I can remember that water on Earth moves/changes its state and has a cycle. I remember that when it rains the water travels through the rocks and into the ground and rivers. How, this water is then taken up by plants and animals whom obviously need it to live. That water then is expired or transpired back into the air by the plants and animals or evaporates straight back into the air, as the wind and sun act on on the surface of rivers and the sea …. turning the water into a vapour…..the cycle then continues as this water vapour comes together to form rain clouds and it rains again. I was quite excited as the ideas started to come to me of how I could show water as a vital element for both plants and animals….and how it not only has a flow as a liquid but has a flow in the way it cycles and is shared on Earth……..

I have visited Ingleton on a number of occasions hiking and climbing with my family and I can remember visiting ‘White Scar Caves’. Here water can be seen seeping through the limescale rocks and there are underground waterfalls and pools. This would make an excellent location for showing (perhaps with some mid range and close up shots) how rain gets into the ground …ie, the first part of the water cycle,

Near the centre of Ingleton it is easy to access a series of magnificent waterfalls, that Ingleton is probably most famous for. This would make a truly spectacular location for filming water as it gathers momentum, flowing rapidly and pooling etc. I could use some wide and mid range shots here.

I remember on these same, family holidays visiting ‘Gordale Scar’. I remember seeing how the rocks on top of the scar have been sculpted by the rain water seeping through it, to form an amazing stepping stone formation. This would make an excellent location to show the power of the water at the beginning of the water cycle, again by using some wide and or mid range shots. Indeed, this is such a spectacular location that Warner Brothers used it in filming ‘Harry Potter : The Deathly Hallows (Part 1)’

Nearby, Gordale Scar is the enchanting waterfall at Janet’s Foss…this could be an excellent and alternative location (to Ingleton Falls) for filming the water flowing, gathering momentum, pooling etc.

At Malham there is a campsite and at both Malham and Ingleton are fabulous youth hostels that I could stay at for the shoot.

As I live on the island of Walney, I never have to travel far, to visit a spectacular beach. Any of the Walney beaches could be used in the film…..for example, they could be used for extreme wide/panaramic shots of it raining into the sea……maybe of thunder and lightening if I can capture this on film.

On the two hour bus journey to college, that I take three times a week, I am regularly treated to the sight of low clouds of mist that gather in the early morning over the forrest areas near Newby Bridge. This is a wonderous site to behold and it would be a truly amazing scene to capture perhaps with a drone of how water evaporates back into the sky.

Photographer Mike Garrett has a photograph of this (see link below) that gives an indication of how spectacular this sight is, of water returning to the beginning of the cycle as it evaporates from the ground:-

As a sound track I could use the exquisite music of Yiruma…..aptly titled ‘River Flows in You’….it is literally, an audio representation of flowing water.

My mother plays this all the time on her piano and would be able to play it at different speeds for me, so I could have different recordings and could tailor the sound track to match an edit of my film. There is no music that ‘flows’ better in my opinion.

Alternatively I could perhaps use Yiruma’s music ‘Kiss the Rain’…..this again is something my mother plays and would probably match the footage.

The above video is very inspirational with lots of close ups of water droplets on leaves and images of reflections in the rain. I could do my own version with close ups to show how important water is for us and for visual appeal. For example, close ups of droplets falling into reservoirs for drinking, on plants and vegetables in an allotment, on spiders webs etc.

Stengths of Water cycle idea

Weaknesses of Water cycle idea

Can think of lots of extreme wide /panoramic shots that would be visually appealing. Very cinamtographic.

This idea doesn’t build on my previous work on working with performers /directing and doesn’t show my vfx skills in any way.

Can think of lots of close up shots that would add variety and be visually appealing

Filming this could be quite expensive …visiting the locations and staying at youth hostels. Some of the locations charge just for parking and access, so may want to charge a fee for filming.

This idea definitely hits the brief stimuli on more than one level.

Filming in the rain and near all that water could be risky for myself and the equipment.

Can think of some perfect music to go with my film

There are lots of similar examples of short films like this out there on youtube,…..even to the same music.

Can think of several amazing locations to use and enjoy visiting.

Filming this could be quite isolating for someone who likes working in a team.

I can do this film without having to have a cast or crew…..or with minimal help

The music may be a little sentimental and it may not be copyright free to use and this would be problematic for entering my film into festivals which I hope to do.

Time Flows / Entropy

As mentioned earlier, the brief stimulus of flow, reminds me of one of my favourite science subjects at school was Physics and of how fascinating the idea of Entropy was. This theory explains how people, objects and systems always move from a more ordered state to a disordered state and how this gives time a direction. In other words it describes how nearly everything gradually declines into disorder as time flows. Brian Cox neatly explains this in the following video:-

This gave me the idea of doing a visual narrative that shows both time flowing and entropy…..

Beginning with a scene of Spring I could visit the Conishead Priory in Ulverston, which has in its’ gardens patches of snow drops and crocusses….crocci? I could have close ups of new plant shoots… pushing there way through the soil; mid range shots of blossom / pussy willow on the trees and lambs in the fields, close ups of fresh daffodils, wide shots of a woodland full of bluebells etc. I could then show entropy by filming a close up of faded bluebells or daffodils, mid range shots of blossom falling etc and then I could fade out. In the next scene I could represent the Summer Season with someone paddling in the sea, a child making a sandcastle, and the tide ebbing and flowing. I could show entropy here by having a close up of a dropped ice cream melting and similar to in the BBC video noted above I could have a mid range shot of the sandcastle being blown by the wind until it is just a heap For the Autumn scene I could have an interesting low angle shot of leaves falling and a high angled shot of someone kicking up the leaves (old and fake leaves can be bought on Ebay). For Autumn, I could also have a close up of people round a bonfire with mid range shots of fireworks and I could represent entropy by filming close ups of the remains of the fire ash and burnt out fireworks. For the scene of Winter, I could use CGI to make an extreme wide or wide shot of a snow scene and perhaps have a mid range shot of people celebrating Christmas. I could show entropy here by having a close up of a snowflake melting on a window pane. As I fade in and out of the four scenes I could fade a sound track in and out of with music that fits each season. For example, I could use the best bits of Vivaldi’s four seasons music :-

Alternatively, I could choose other tracks that I think fit the mood of each scene… to think of just a couple of examples, for summer ,I could have the following stunningly beautiful track by

 Israel Kamakawiwo’ole . Over the Rainbow and What a Wonderful World (video) :-

or for winter, I could have that old classic ‘White Christmas’ sung by Andrea Bocelli :-

Strenths of Flowing Time/Entropy idea

Weaknesses of Flowing Time/Entropy idea

This idea clearly fits the brief stimulus of flow.

There is something about this idea that is a bit sentimental / cheesy.

I don’t feel it is very original or inspiring.

I could cast some of the scenes so could enjoy team working and building on my previous knowledge of working with actors and directing.

If I wanted to enter this film into festivals I would have to limit my choice of music to tracks that are copyright free .

This idea includes a good range of shots and would include some interesting high and low angled shots.

I would have a lot to concentrate on, casting, directing, vfx as well as shot planning etc

This idea would allow me to show off some of my vfx skills.

I would have to start filming very early and film again towards the end of term to capture Spring and Summer.

I could concentrate on colouring and framing shots with this idea

Doing the vfx of the winter scene is a bit of an unknown and I am not sure I have the software or equipment to go for this.

I believe this idea would be quite cheap to film…I would only have to buy the odd ice cream and some old and fake leaves off Ebay….yes someone does sell these.

This idea would be a good challenge because it would involve me in doing lots of different roles, directing, vfx as well as shot planning.

Flowing Sands

Brian Cox, showing a sandcastle being blown by the wind into a more disordered state in the above mentioned video, brought  me back to another idea on the brief stimulus of flow I had mentioned above, looking at how sand flows:- I realised I could use extreme wide shots to show how sand flows in the way that it is blown by the wind to form dunes and how these dunes, undulate and change all the time. How the wind whips the sand up and shapes the mud flats and scars. I live near two areas that are known for having amazing sand dunes and miles of mud flats, scars and beaches. The first area is North Walney a nature reserve that is free to enter and accessible by walking a couple of miles from the free car park (with toilet facilites) at Earnse Bay. It is a stunning, patrolled nature reserve that must obviously be treated with respect.

The other area is Sandscale Haws at Roanhead. This area again is a national nature reserve that must be respected. It is quite popular with the public that use it as a place to walk their dogs or as a family beach and it has a car park and toilet facilities. It is has amazing views that could be captured with extreme wide and sweeping shots. The largest sand dunes are less than quarter of a mile from the car park and when it is particularly windy if you walk another half a mile on, you come to the end of a scar and the wind can be seen to whip the sands up like a desert storm.

I could have some close up shots of sand running through my hands for contrast to all the extreme wide shots. I could perhaps have a go at presenting / narrating with this idea. For instance, I could tell my audience where I am and describe how the wind has shaped the environment then show examples with my shots. Alternatively, I could fit my scenes to a poem. This is one that particularly appeals to me :-

A sand sculpture in the hands of time

This sandstone sculpture,
soft, ephemeral, unreal,
we create every moment,
just for ourselves,
fighting the fragile nature
of the material, that
at once, facilitates,  and equally resists,
is both memory
and forgetfulness,
harmony and dissonance.
Tongues of time active ever,
love its taste, than anything else,

gradually gobbles it up
with relish.
Come, stop by,
and appreciate.
It won’t be here,
after some more summers,
but it won’t be destroyed too.
It would be the grains ,
in any sandstorm,
for ever.

K Balachandran

Alternatively, if it didn’t prove too long, I could use the following poem by an anonymous writer :

A Desert Dream Of Wind And Sand

I sit and hear the desert wind, sand hissing past,
winging by on the deserts breath. The moon hangs
still above the earth, enshrined in vaults of darkest
black, an infinity of stars to frost the sky. I sit here,
on the shifting crest of a tall and windswept dune,
contemplating the majesty of starry sky, and the silence
of the desert winds. My mind empty, wanders, and I
seem to hear, in the howling of the desert wind, the yipping
cries of jackals, and a strain of music, faint and thin, riding, on
the whisper of the desert winds. I look and see, a palace, light
shining from many windows, and colored pennants, whipping
in the desert breeze, spices seeming, rich and dry, waft around
me, caught, in the twisting zephyrs of the deserts breath. I stare, and
slowly, the sounds of the palace reach my ears, women laughing, singing, and the lilting tones of music strange and wonderful, lift me
from the desert sand, and set me forward, stumbling from fatigue and
thirst, towards that place of light and sound, a refuge surely from the
stinging sands, and the whispering voice of the desert, dry in its susurrations, as an empty skull, bleached and hollow, sockets set to the
contemplation of the desert winds, dessicated remnant of mortal man, till wind and sand consign it to the deserts breath. I stumble forwards, eyes locked on that vision held before me, and I, with all remaining strength and speed, run towards that deserts dream, and in my folly, I
strive for speed, even exceeding the desert wind. At last I halt, and in my weariness, stumble against a mighty gate, set with gold and jade and onyx, moonstone high, and amber low. I set my hands to wondrous gate, but lo! the gates are fast and strong. They do not yield to the feeble push of weary traveler, nor to the entreaty of dry and sand parched throat, imploring it to stand aside. I fall at last, defeated, and thought, to die here, before these gates of opulent splendour, would not be so tragic a fate, as the deaths of thousands, lost as I in the immeasurable vastness of the desert sands. But yea! There in the darkness of night as I made my peace with God and his angels and consigned myself to the inevitable fate of eternal rest, that near unnoticed, the gates swung voicelessly open, and through it I inhaled weakly, the scents of anise and cumin and cinnamon and allspice, all mixed with the intoxicating perfume of the daughters of the desert, scented waters and mulled wine. I reeled, dazed by the glory of light and sound and scent. I was lifted then by gentle hands, soft and cool, with the featherlight touch of sweet virginity. I fell, spinning, into the cool dark of grey oblivion. I awaken, rested, in the dark. Birdsong wafts in through arched windows. Below, I can hear the women singing, talking, as their needles clack in unrelenting harmony. And yet, this all seems to fade, to become less real. I listen harder, and yet, I hear instead of the singing harmony of before, the lonely song of the desert wind, faint and yet as if it had ever been, and this all some fantasy, imagined dream more true than life? I open my eyes. I lie there, back pressed to chill stone, jutting up into the heavens. The scents of man dissipate and are gone, replaced by the dry and whispering aura of the lonely desert, faint sage upon the wind. I close my eyes. falling, I slide to the cold sands and lie there, waiting only for death to take me, that I might once more approach that vision of holy beauty that awaits those that live and die in piety, and with the grace of heaven. A hand touches my shoulder. I do not look up. The hand remains, insistent in its immovability. I rise, slowly, turning, so I might see my unknown companion, with me, in the heart of the windsept sands of the great expanse. A man stands there, robed in white, black veil obscuring all save for dark eyes, set deep in his weathered brow, like jewels of onyx, set in a dark and seasoned stone, left to the desert, in years gone by. “Come. It is time” The man whispers through the desert wind. He beckons me, fingers set with jewels and stones, gold thread belts his waist. He turns and walks silently, out, towards the eastern sky. I follow him, seeming vision of guidance, sent to set my feet on the path of life. I follow him and yet, gradually he fades and is gone, vanished, beside a weathered stone, lonely in the great expanse. I fall to my knees, head bowed, strength gone from soul and body. I hear dimly through the haze of weary enervation, even as death enshrouds me, the trickle of falling water. I lift my eyes. water pools before me, gift of life, sent by spirit of guiding thirst. I drink and life within me lifts its head, water streams down wind partched throat, and even as I fall into cool oblivion, knowing that that vison of heaven awaits me, water soothes me, as I fall at last into darkness, and the shining vision of heaven around me, I close my eyes, darkness enshrouding, as I perish beneath the moon and frosted sky.

Strengths of Flowing Sands idea

Weakness of Flowing Sands idea

This idea does fit the idea of flow.

I would not get to build on my previous skills developed working with actors /crew.

It could be very cinematographic, I can think of lots of gorgeous panoramic shots I could use.

I can think of extreme wide shots and a couple of close ups but not many other types of shot I could use to give variety.

There are a number of coastal locations close to my home that could be used.

I have done a short film based on a poem before and find them a little dull/ sentimental.

I could film this myself with perhaps just the help of my mother as a driver and father as a strong pair of hands

I don’t get to come up with much of an original narrative with this idea.

This would be a cheap option to film.

I’m not sure this represents enough of a challenge to me at this stage of the course.

If I narrated or read a poem, I could focus on doing a really good audio track / voice reel.

Flowing Movements of a Dance

After college, I attend contemporary dance classes at the Brewery Arts Centre for a bit of light relief, work life balance and because I just love the physical relief it brings me.  This gave me the idea of building on my skills from having worked with actors before, to now work with an external performer to create a dance for the brief stimuli of flow. One, of the people I dance with at the Brewery Arts Centre is quite serious about doing as much dance as possible because he is hoping to apply to University to study Dance professionally and is hence, trying to put together a show reel. This got me to thinking if I worked with this guy I would hopefully, have a willing and talented performer that would get some personal benefit from having been involved in my project.

From my research on developing a narrative, I then thought about adding to the drama of the dance by making it a duet with a climactic confrontation and then conflict resolution.

There is something very similar between martial arts, fight scenes and dancing. They both involve sequences of flowing movements. This may sound ridiculous, but at this point, I could here in my head the character of Mad Eye Moody in ‘Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire’ reminding Harry Potter who was facing fighting a dragon to” play to your strengths, Harry”.

On the matter of strengths, I realised that I not only have experience and contacts in the dance world but I am also a black belt in Karate and an instructor. I hence, now had the idea that I could be the second dancer in the duet and could bring some of my martial arts knowledge and experience into the dance sequence. As I pictured this in my mind something about doing a fight, duet then made me think of a favourite animation series I had loved as a child : Avatar. In particular it reminded me of the following fight scene :

This made me think of applying one of my other strengths to a dance/fight sequence, that is, my ability to self teach myself vfx skills. In particular, I felt I could learn to use a particle generator to add cg fire to a scene.

I was very excited at this point as I felt what I had come up with represented quite an unusual idea that would be very different from anything my peers would do, as it played to my very particular set of skills. Thinking about doing a dance I realised I could film a dance scene virtually anywhere we have room to dance and that I could visit different locations after I have thought more about the narrative. Once I have chosen a suitable location that fits, I could have wide shots establishing the location of the duet. Mid range shots at the start of the dance establishing what the characters are doing. Single shots of each dancer with some poses so I can add cg fire more easily. Close up shots to show the emotion of the opponents in the conflict etc. I then thought about what music and sound track I could use and researched the internet and came up with the following two potential tracks:-

KPM’s Music : Into The Fire

From Avatar The Last Airbender : Last Agni Kai (Avatar Sountrack)

Strengths of Flowing Dance idea

Weakness of Flowing Dance idea

This idea fits the brief stimuli.  

I am able to visualise it and feel it has a strong aesthetic appeal.

This is quite an ambitious idea as it involves me in several roles including :- performing, choreographing, planning, directing and learning advanced vfx

This idea plays to my unique strengths : my dance, Karate and self learning vfx skills

This idea will involve a lot of hard work and a lot of time because of the vfx

This idea will allow me to produce a unique film very different to that of my peers. Unique films lend themselves to unique, interesting stories.

This idea involves relying on a dancer and other people to film and crew for me. It will take a lot of coordinating with others and trying to do this whilst looking for consistent weather conditions is a challenge.

This idea allows me to build on my previous projects working with actors and hence, to learn from the feedback from previous projects.

This idea will need a lot of researching including on developing the narrative, choreography, costume design and makeup.

This film would be a reasonably cheap option to film depending on the costumes chosen.

If I want to enter this film into festivals I will have to limit my choice of sounds to copyright free tracks.

Dancing and Choreographing a dance are a lot of fun and definitely not isolating. 

I could explore a variety of dance styles

I could get carried away with choreographing, dancing and doing vfx with this idea and the grading criteria for this unit doesn’t really call for it.

I could use a variety of shots in this film and filming the  dynamic movement will be a good challenge for me.

Because of the amount of work involved in this idea I would have to plan very thoroughly and early.

This could be filmed anywhere we have room to dance. I could match my location choice to the narrative

 Filming a dance scene will be difficult for any crew I use, tracking the moves with the camera and lighting could be problematic.  At the same time, I will need to avoid just portraying a montage of poses.

Finalising my Decision on Which Idea to Go With.

I have decided to reject the Water Flowing / cycle idea for the time being, as I think it is a little too sentimental and could be too expensive and isolating for me to do. I have also decided to reject the Time Flows / Entropy idea for the moment, as again I think it could be a bit too sentimental an idea for me and because I think it lacks originality. I have decided instead to go with the Flowing Dance idea for my film choice. However, as I also strongly liked the idea of showing the flowing sands and the interesting extreme wide angle shots and close ups this option brings, I have decided to combine these two options together so I potentially will have the benefits of both options. I will hence, use the flowing sands as my location and will do a desert, dance/conflict film. This means I get to have fun dancing and choreographing. My idea is cheap to do and will fit the brief stimuli on more than one level. I don’t think this idea is as cheesy or sentimental as my other ideas and I get to work with others and build on feedback from having worked with actors during previous projects. I get to play to strengths I haven’t shown before, my dance skills, my Karate and vfx learning skills and I also get to work on a project that I expect will be very different to what anybody else will do in my class. I will be able to film at some amazing local, locations that will hopefully allow me to have some great extreme wide establishing shots and to have some variety in the shots used. As my dance sequence is to include conflict I will have two main characters fighting over a precious amulet. The traveller will be the lead and will be shown travelling through an environment of flowing sands and undulating dunes with this precious amulet. The second character will be that of the a sand like creature that will reflect the texture of the desert and will attack the traveller for the amulet. The conflict will be brought to a climax with the dancers showing flowing movements and adopting poses that I can enhance with cgi fire. The conflict will resolve as the the sand creature is destroyed and becomes part of the desert again and the desert will seek revenge against the traveller by whipping up a sand storm.

I will now bank my other film ideas and will concentrate on developing this dance film in the sands. I will move on to writing a detailed project proposal and doing some careful overall planning of the project to take into account the deadlines given.


Feedback on my Final idea:

The main questions that arose in my feedback were;

How is the sand creature going to be created? – This means that in my development I will have to look at a few ways to make the creature from make up and costume to CGI to editing the idea.

Where would it be filmed as there are no deserts in cumbria? – This means that I will have to explore locations that could appear to be like a desert.

How will the amulets importance be portrayed? – For this I imagine that it will become obvious from the shots editing and movement and possible costume incorporation.

There is a lot of CG ,  hence, is it realistic for the timeframe? – This will be found out through testing. I could instead attempt practical effects such as using flame throwers but these have more issues than the CGI.  To bypass some of these concerns I will make the CGI elements an unnecessary addition for my film and shoot footage that I could fall back on that works on its own without CG fire. The CG fire if it works on these scenes would be there purely to add to the aesthetic.




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One Response to FMP Ideas Generation

  1. Dom Bush says:

    Great stuff Kit. I’m happy to see that you have slowed down and taken care to consider many ideas at this stage using spider diagrams to help see relationships between concepts.
    I now want to see some evaluation of these concepts that will help you to choose one or two ideas to take forward to the development stage.
    You will need to put your ideas down in writing to get some feedback from your class mates on Thursday.
    Good work so far


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