FMP Presentation & Release

My Audience

This film is a fantasy film, going into the realms of sci-fi. This means that after releasing it on Facebook and YouTube there is  going to be a reasonably large audience available, some of whom will undoubtedly hate it while others will love it. To improve the chances of “fantasy fan” audiences seeing the film; it will (as mentioned in this blog) be shared on specific Facebook pages and shall be tagged with relevant words so that it may appear on searches including those words.

My primary audience for this film are my family, friends and tutors, these people want to see what I am able to produce a film that fits a brief. They will want to see how their own contributions have been used i.e which shots were used, how does the costume look, is the dance of show-reel quality, is the narrative clear etc. This will also be seen by university tutors and prospective employers, who will of course be looking to see what I can do so that they have an understanding of what I can bring to a team and what sort of projects I like working on. These people will want to see that I am creative and am able to push myself to learn and try different things. In releasing my film on the right pages to the right people I hope to gain constructive feedback from fellow and more experienced, well established practitioners so that that I will be able to use this feedback in future projects.

Release of my film

As the final part of my brief requires, I must screen the film with a short presentation before releasing my film to the world.  When I release my film,  my options are to use Social Media and Festivals.  Due to my music choices, at this stage I will not be entering my film into Festivals as it is not licenced for editing.  Instead, I shall use my film as a show reel piece and will release it on Facebook ( on my profile and to various pages such as BFI Bafta Alumni)  seeking critical feedback. I will also release it to Vimeo for quality online playback.

If I decide at a later date to enter my film into Festivals, I will either re-cut it with a more open licence choice of music or alternatively I will take steps to acquire a licence to use and alter the music I have already edited.


Screening Presentation Prep

From my research on preparing to pitch a short film, (please see the research section) I gleaned some information that I believe is also applicable to preparing to do a presentation for the screening if my short film. The main transferable points I believe are as follows :-

  1. Include the films title, and genre

  2. Outline what the film is about, keep it brief and just cover the highlights

  3. Consider what your audience needs/wants to know

  4. Treat people how you would like to be treated yourself ie, be very respectful

Thinking about the third point above, I realised that my audience would include my tutors and that they would want me to briefly explain how my film fits the brief given and my main reasons for choosing this option. Thinking about the final point above and again of my audience, I reaslised that I need to be respectful and show my appreciation for all the help I have received from them during this project. As I expect , I will be nervous on the day I have decide to make prompt cards covering all these points as follows :-

The Title of my film is ‘Dance of the Dunes’

This is a fantasy /drama style film about a traveller making his way through a treacherous desert. He is attacked by a sand creature of the desert who has been drawn to the precious amulet that the traveller carries because of its fire bending powers. A short battle commences between the two characters.

This film fits the brief stimuli of flow. I hope you will be able to see this from the flowing sands, dance movements and from the flowing fire.

It has been a very interesting challenge for me….the vfx in particular have posed a much greater challenge than I anticipated but I have definitely learned a lot from trying them. ….mainly never again……leave well alone….

I have had a lot of support during this project.

And so would like to take this opportunity to thank :

  • My dancer Mattie for bringing so much energy, talent and enthusiasm to the project.

  • My sister Zoe for doing the make up and props

  • My mother for her health and safety input, being a first aider for me….for providing a small budget, for driving us about and providing food and drinks.

  • My father for scaring the dogs away, raking the sands for me and for his help storyboarding my ideas.

  • My camera operators Tucker and Ash for being so great to work with and so professinal and

  • Finally, my peers and tutors for their opinions, feedback and support.

Please enjoy…. if you have any questions or feedback for me please feel free to catch me later. Thank you.

Set up

For the screening we set up “the box” putting out a number of chairs for our audience so that they could have somewhere to sit with a clear view clear projection and good sound.





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