FMP Project Proposal


Final Draft


During this FMP I will demonstrate the following strengths :- I am imaginative and able to generate/develop ideas to closely fit a brief. I can plan effectively and prioritize so that I meet all deadlines. My work is informed by relevant primary and secondary research. I am a safe pair of hands, able to use a variety of camera equipment and support others to do the same. I am competent at using software to edit /develope narrative and can apply vfx to help enhance the visual appeal for an audience.

Reflecting on feedback from previous projects, I will focus on being more assertive, delegating more, communicating better with my cast and crew and maintaining an outward appearance of positivity. I wll also strive to be more flexible about adapting my ideas and more willing to accept the suggestions /contributions of others. To encourage this flexibility I will maintain a critical and evaluative approach throughout.


The working title of my short film is : ‘The Amulet’

As a traveller navigates the sands with a precious amulet a creature of the desert fights him for it. The stimuli of flow will be explored by emphasizing the flowing sands and enhancing flowing dance movements with CG fire. It will be a visual narrative without dialogue but supported with a soundtrack that complements the action and mood. The conflict will build then resolve as the sand creature is destroyed and the enraged desert either drags the amulet and traveller down into the sands or swallows them up in a sandstorm.

My main role will be that of director which will involve me working on developing my dance/ choreography skills, as well as my shot planning and cast/crew management. On this occasion I would like to try working with a performer from outside my normal circle of family and friends. I will use natural lighting for my film and shoot during the golden hour so there is good light and contrast with minimal set up considerations. In terms of camera movement, I want to show flow whilst keeping high energy; so dynamic movements and transitions will be key.  To achieve this I will use my practical experience to support my crew to use the Cannon C100 and Sony FS700 with a shoulder rig or tripod. I plan to prioritize my workload so I shoot as soon as possible in order to give myself plenty of time for post production.

The primary research underpinning this project will be collected from interviews with dance professionals. I will use moodboards and carry out small scale surveys to gather people’s opinions on the character, costume, makeup and soundtrack. I will gather secondary research from relevant books, articles, blogs and youtube videos. I will be visiting local coastal areas of Walney and Roanhead to assess the practicality of using them as my location. I will visit charity shops and online auction sites to source the costumes and props. I will also carry out test shots and a dress rehearsal at my chosen location.

The project should have a natural flow to it ,as defining the characters and narrative should to some extent suggest the costume / makeup and dance. However, I also expect the project to evolve in a reactive way being impacted on by the contribution my performer brings to the dance, how well we work together and how the location dictates our moves. The narrative may change direction depending on how the shots turn out, how I feel the edit best flows and fits with the sound track and as my ability to apply visual effects allows.

In my reflective blog I will record feedback from my tutors and peers and combine this with my own thoughts on the positives and negatives on various aspects of my work including, the usefulness of research. This will demonstrate informed decision making and method and show an evaluative approach. I will use my reflective journal to repeatedly relate my work back to the brief and to check I am meeting the FMP unit requirements. I will use my blog to also regularly review the quality and quantity of my work in relation to the time frame given. I will document how these reviews, affect my priorities, plans, the narrative and overall direction of my project. I will supplement my written notes with relevant photographs and videos. Finally, I will evaluate the success of my project by summarizing the main lessons learned throughout and by analyzing the final screening to note what went well and what I need to improve on next time.



Ideas Generation:

Water as a Flowing Liquid and Flowing in a Cycle, Research ideas

White Scar Caves. (2017) (website). Available at :

Ingleton Waterfalls Trail. (2016) (website). Available at :

Gordale Scar. (website). Available at :

Janet’s Foss. (website). Available at :

Walney Island Beaches. (online images). Available at :

Mist at Newby Bridge. (2009). (online image). Available at :

Smilo82. (2006) Yiruma: River Flows in You. (video). Available at :

xXYuNPoOXx. (2006). Yiruma:Kiss the Rain. (video). Available at :

Time Flows / Entropy. Research Ideas

BBC. (2011). Brian Cox explains why time travels in one direction – Wonders of the Universe – BBC Two . (video). Available at :

HarpsichordM. (2015). A. Vivaldi The Four Seasons, Nigel Kennedy. (video). Available at :

Kamakawiwo’ole , I. (1993). Over the Rainbow and What a Wonderful World. (video). Available at :

Idaxtoer90. (2009). Andrea Bocelli – White Christmas. (video). Available at :

Flowing Sands, Research ideas

GoLakes. North Walney National Nature Reserve. (website). Available at :

National Trust. Sandscale Haws National Nature Reserve. (website). Available at :

Balachandran, K. (2013). A Sand Sculpture In The Hands of Time. (poetry website). Available at :

Anonymous. (2014). A Desert Dream of Wind and Sand. (poetry website). Available at :

Flowing Movements of a Dance research ideas

Allan, M (2013). Azula VS Zuko Final Agni Kai. (animation, video). Available at :

Epic Music World. (2010). KPM Music : Into The Fire. (video). Available at :

The Avatar Soundtrack. (2008). Last Angi Kai : Avatar Soundtrack. (music soundtrack). Available at :

Planning A Short Film

D4Darious. ( 2014). How to Make A Short Film : Important Tips and Advice. (video). Available at :

Tuts+Photo+Video. (2015). Visual Storytelling With the 5 – Shot Method for Video Sequences. (video). Availble at :

Tutvid. (2016). How to Shoot a Very Short Film w/ cheap gear: Pre-Production. (video). Available at :

Film Riot. (2015). Prepping for a Short Film. (video). Available at :

Secondary Research on How to do a Call Sheet

Starboardmedia. (2010) How To Write Call Sheets For Small Film Productions. (website, guide). Available at :

Developing a Narrative Research

Field, S. (2003). The Definitive Guide To Screen Writing. London :Ebury Press.

Developing a Visual Narrative and Shot Planning Research

Kenworthy, C. (2012). Master Shots 2nd Edition 100 Advances Camera Techniques To Get An Expensive Look On Your Low Budget Movie. California : Michael Wiese Productions.

Van Sijll, J. (2005). Cinematic Storytelling The 100 Most Powerful Film Conventions Every Filmmaker Must Know. California : Michael Wiese Productions.

Choreographing and filming a Dance, Research

Ludus Dance Company Teacher’s Resource Packs, 5 packs compiled by Ludus Touring company. (1990 – 2000) :- ‘Clash’, ‘Timetrax’, ‘Crying out Loud’, ‘The Spark’, ‘Sold’.

Cyr, M. (2016) Designing Dances : How to Choreograph a Dance in 10 Steps. Dancesport Place, (online article). Available at :

David LaChapelle Studio. (2015) Sergei Polunin, “Take Me to Church” by Hozier, Directed by David LaChapelle. (video). Avaliable at:

Sergei Polunin Fans. (2016). Sergei Polunin – Behind the scenes Take Me To Church. (video). Avaliable at:

BBC Earth Unplugged. (2013). Golden Eagle in slow motion – Slo Mo #9 – Earth Unplugged. (video). Avaliable at:

Safy. (2010). Red Fox – Hunts mice under snow [ incredible way ]. (video). Avaliable at:

Smithsonian Channel. (2017). Here’s What Makes Komodo Dragons So Powerful. (video). Avaliable at:

Costume Design, Research

Anario. (2012). Costume Design/Fellowship of the Rings/Lord of the Rings. (video). Available at:

Videofashion. (2014). Edith Head (1978)- From the Videofashion Vault. (video). Available at :

Games of Thrones. (2011). Costume Design (HBO). (video). Available at :

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Bafta Guru. (2016). Costume Design from The Danish Girl, Mad Max, Carol and more. (video). Available at :

Rambert Dance. (2017). Ghost Daners : Getting Into Charatcter. (video). Available at :  

Zip kaiTM VN. ( 2017). CGI Animated Short Film HD Sand Castle Short Film by Zipkai. (video). Available at :

Google images. (2017). (online image) Available at :

Google images. (2017). (online image) Available at :$_3.JPG

Google images. (2017). (mood board of online images). Available at :

Google images (2017) (mood board of online images). Available at :

Avatar. (online image). Available at :

DeviantArt. Desert Walker by MiscCee. (online image). Available at :

Anantara. Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort. (google image). Available at :

Google Image. (2017) Available at :

Desert Fighters (google image). Available at : rat fighter&ved=0ahUKEwj0zbjV27bUAhVIB8AKHesNClI4ZBAzCAIoADAA&iact=mrc&uact=8

Kristianathe. (2016). CRACKED STATUE MAKEUP TRANSFORMATION TUTORIAL. (video). Avaliable at:

Pitching A Film, Research

Jacob Krueger Studio. (2012). What To Do When You Are Pitching Your Script. (video). Available at :

Indie Film Hustle. (2016). How To Pitch Your Screenplay or Film Idea. (video). Available at :

Film Courage. (2012). The Art of Pitching A Movie Idea Using the Rule of 3 by Marc Zicree. (video). Available at :

WikiHow. (2016). How to Write a Film Pitch. (video). Available at :

VFX Research

Colin Smith. (2014). Advanced Roto Brush in After Effects. (video). Avaliable at:

FX HIVE. (2015). Cinema 4D and Turbulence FD – Smoke vs Fire Collision. (video). Avaliable at:

Visionary Universe (2016) Realistic Fire Simulation – After Effects Tutorial. (Video). Avaliable at:

Harry Wallin. (2015). “Desert” ww2 short film – making a sandstorm (Spielberg “Close Encounters) practical effects. (video). Avaliable at:

Martin Miroľa. (2015). Dust Storm – Fumefx. (video). Avaliable at:

HOKIROYA I Digital Art. (2015). Creature Creation – Modeling, Sculpting, Texturing, Rigging (BLENDER TIMELAPSE). (video). Avaliable at:

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One Response to FMP Project Proposal

  1. Dom Bush says:

    This is an excellent start Kit, and for the most part is succinct and to the point.
    I haven’t checked the word count but it seems long. Try to boil this down to it’s most critical parts to stick to the word count and avoid any repetition.
    Perhaps, just like you would in an edit, take a pen a cross out any sentences that aren’t COMPLETELY necessary. All killer, no filler!!!!!!
    I want you just to concentrate on the middle section over the holidays, and have a econd draft done for the day we return.
    Well done.


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